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It is very important to keep up the maintenance of your upvc  gutters because if they are left they can a culminate too much debris such as leaves, insects, small animals and mud that can lead to the guttering clogging up and breaking away. Also a clogged up gutter can hold excess water what can turn to ice in winter and crack your gutters that's why its important to get your gutters cleaned every year to minimise the expense of having to buy new gutters. We have the best equipment for cleaning your gutters such as a reach and wash system and a gutter-vac hoover to assure your gutter is completely free of any dirt, grime and any blockages. Our gutter cleaning specialists will use a degreaser on your guttering then they will dry them and use  upvc solvent to give your gutters that little bit extra sparkle. We can use a Wax  treatment  on your guttering too as it helps protect and repel rain if you would want this putting on your upvc guttering it will be a extra charge for this service.


Paving stones, Patios and block paving gather dirt that easily becomes en-grained making the paving stones look old and worn. Cleaning with a high pressure jet wash will remove the en-grained dirt bringing out the natural colours of the stones, For example with car oil leakages may need additional treatment. Although weeds will be removed, If moss and fungi are well established additional treatment may be necessary. Also especially on block paving, Please note the powerful cleaning tools may loosen the sand around the paving and may require replacement which we can do if requested at an agreed price and we also can seal your paving stones if requested.


Steps and stairways need to kept free off moss and other substances that can make the surfaces slippery, endangering staff, clients and contractors. It becomes a health and safety hazard. The amount of times fire escapes are forgotten about and become dangerous routes of exit is surprising. We can ensure they are deep cleaned and maintained to the required standard by keeping diary entries on our database to make regular visits to your premises and clean the areas as necessary at a convenient time or alert you to any major problems that require attention e.g. well worn parts rusting.


Smoke shelters all need cleaning, in time smoking shelters can become heavily stained and we can deep clean them to remove nicotine, tar and smell by using either our reach and wash system or our high pressure jet wash .


Upvc cleaning e.g. round windows, doors, conservatory's and gutters can be a time consuming and stubborn job to tackle. King cleaning  use the best products and keep our prices low! upvc should be cleaned about every four month to remove grime and atmospheric deposits. Also if you do not get rid of debris, dust and some other impurities from your window frames they may accumulate some impurities, such as dead insects, debris and old lubricants on your upvc if not cleaned on a regular basis.

Our upvc specialists will wash down your upvc guttering, fascias, soffits and cladding with a degreaser then they will dry your upvc and will use a upvc polish on your upvc gutters, fascias, soffits and cladding to give you that extra shiny. We can also use a wax treatment  on your upvc window frames, upvc gutters, upvc Cladding and upvc Conservatory that helps protect the upvc and repel rain for a extra charge. 

Also high level upvc cleaning isn't any problem for our upvc contractors they all have been IPAF ( international powered access federation ) trained for the use of MEWP'S ( mobile elevating work platforms ) so you are not just getting a great upvc cleaning contractor  but a safe one too.


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upvc Cleaning Sunderland
upvc Gutter Cleaning Sunderland
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Exterior Cleaning Sunderland
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Exterior Cleaning Sunderland
Exterior Cleaning Sunderland
Exterior upvc Cleaning in Sunderland

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